AppFormix Cloud Services (AFCS)

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  • Duration: 1 day
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This course is designed to provide knowledge of how to monitor entities in cloud networks. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, you will gain experience in setting up and configuring AppFormix. You will also gain knowledge of the different AppFormix features, JT using native sensors, and JTI using OpenConfig and gRPC.

  • Objectives 0/0

    After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:
    • Explain the benefits of AppFormix.
    • Explain the operation and use of AppFormix.
    • Explain how to setup and install AppFormix in different environments.
    • Explain the purpose and use of the different AppFormix features.
    • Understand the purpose of the Clusters feature.
    • Describe how to use the dashboard to examine the state of the network.
    • Understand the purpose and use of the Charts feature.
    • Explain the benefits of capacity planning.
    • Explain how to setup the chargeback functionality.
    • Explain how to use AppFormix charts.
    • Explain how to use AppFormix heat maps.
    • Describe the benefits of reports and service monitoring functionalities.
    • Explain the purpose and use of AppFormix alarms.
    • Explain the purpose and use of AppFormix Composite Rules.
    • Explain the purpose of JTI.
    • Discuss native JTI sensors.
    • Explain OpenConfig and gRPC sensors.
    • Describe best practices for JTI.
    • Explain how to use JTI with AppFormix.

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  • Course Contents 0/0

    Day 1
    Chapter 1: AppFormix Overview
    • Operations Management
    • AppFormix Operation and Use Cases
    • Install and setup
    Chapter 2: AppFormix Features
    • AppFormix Features Overview
    • Clusters
    • Dashboard
    • Charts
    • Heat Map
    • Capacity Planning
    • Reports
    Chapter 3: Alarms and Composite Rules
    • Alarms Overview
    • Alarms Case Study
    • Composite Rules
    • Lab1: Implementing AppFormix Features
    Chapter 4: Junos Telemetry Interface
    • JTI Overview
    • Native Sensors
    • OpenConfig and gRPC sensors
    • JTI and AppFormix
    • Lab2: Implementing JTI with AppFormix

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