Connect Secure Administration and Configuration

  • Duration: 4 days

This four-day course provides detailed coverage of the configuration of the Connect Secure solution. Students will work with Connect Secure to configure secured remote access to network resources.

  • Objectives 0/0

    Key areas include Connect Secure deployment and configuration, basic implementation, and component configuration. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in several hands-on labs.
    Target Audience
    Network Engineers
    Enterprise System Architects
    Technical Support Specialists
    Implementation Consultants
    Students should have experience with the TCP/IP protocol suite, including addressing and routing, and Ethernet experience, including addressing, basic switching operations, and virtual LANs (VLANs).
    Students should have knowledge of basic security and access management concepts, including 802.1X and RADIUS.

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  • Curriculum 0/0

    Day 1
    Chapter 1: Course Introduction
    Chapter 2: Connect Secure
    Chapter 3: Initial Configuration / Lab: Initial Configuration Lab
    Chapter 4: Technology and Terminology
    Chapter 5: User Roles / Lab: User Roles Lab
    Day 2
    Chapter 6: Basic Logging and Troubleshooting / Lab: Logging and Tracing Lab
    Chapter 7: Resource Policies and Profiles / Lab: Resource Policies Lab
    Chapter 8: Authentication / Lab: Authentication Lab
    Chapter 9: Advanced Authentication Options / Lab: Single Sign-on Lab
    Day 3
    Chapter 10: Certificates / Lab: Certificate Lab
    Chapter 11: Client and Server Applications / Lab: VPN Tunneling Lab
    Chapter 12: Ivanti Client / Lab: Pulse Secure Client Lab
    Chapter 13: License Server Client Deployment
    Chapter 14: Endpoint Security / Lab: Host Checker Lab
    Day 4
    Chapter 15: Administration / Lab: Administration Lab
    Chapter 16: Troubleshooting / Lab: Troubleshooting Lab
    Chapter 17: Virtualization
    Chapter 18: Clustering / Lab: Cluster Lab
    Chapter 19: Cloud Secure

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