JNCIE Service Provider (JNCIE-SP)

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  • Duration: 5 days
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Juniper Networks’ JNCIE-SP Certification Self-Study Bundle is a hands-on guide to
validate your skills needed to pass the official JNCIE-SP lab exam. The guide is based
on the official JNCIE-SP exam blueprint. Each chapter covers several technologies with
expert-level configuration tasks and detailed answers. In this workbook you will find
several technology introductions and theoretical knowledge about the JNCIE-SP lab
exam blueprint topics. However, do not expect a full explanation about OSPF, IS-IS,
BGP MPLS, and other advanced VPN services, since there are other resources
available for prerequisite knowledge.

The guide contains two 8-hour practice exams to give you the same experience as in
the real JNCIE-SP exam. This guide is targeted at JNCIP-SP certified engineers who
are studying for the expert-level certification and need extra help preparing for the
exam. With the purchase of this self-study bundle, you will be provided with a secured
PDF version of the guide with six lab sessions that are each eight hours in duration to
practice the exercises at your own pace

  • Objectives 0/0

    After successfully completing this course, you should:
    • Be better prepared for success in taking the actual JNCIE-SP exam.
    • Be well-versed in exam topics, environment, and conditions

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  • Course Contents 0/0

    1.System Features
    • Initial System Settings
    • SNMP Configuration
    • Firewall Filters
    • Interface Configuration
    • Scripting
    2. IGP Configuration and Troubleshooting
    • OSPF Troubleshooting
    • IS-IS Troubleshooting
    • IGP Rollout
    3. BGP and Routing Policy
    • IBGP and Confederation
    • EBGP Configuration
    • Routing Policies
    • IBGP and Route Reflection
    4. MPLS Configuration
    • LDP Configuration
    • RSVP Configuration
    • RSVP Protection
    • IPv6 Tunnelling with 6PE
    5. Layer 3 VPN Configurations
    • Layer 3 VPN Configuration
    • Multicast in Layer 3 VPNs
    • IPv6 Tunnelling with 6PE
    6. Layer 2 VPN Services
    • Layer 2 VPN Configuration
    • VPLS Configuration
    • EVPN Configuration
    7. Inter-Provider VPN Configuration
    • Inter-Provider VPN Option B
    • Inter-Provider VPN Option C
    8 .Class of Service
    • Forwarding Classes, Queues, and Schedulers
    • Classification, Policing, and Marking

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