Junos Space-Security Director (JS-SD)

Juniper Training
  • Duration: 2 days

This two-day course is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to manage the Junos Space Security Director application and manage devices with that application. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of how to work with Security Director. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience with the features of Security Director. This course is based on Junos Space Release 17.2R1 and Security Director 17.2R1.

  • Objectives 0/0

    After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:
    • Explain the purpose of the Security Director application.
    • Describe the Security Director workspaces.
    • Discuss how to manage SRX chassis clusters through the Security Director application.
    • Explain platform management and basic device configuration through the Security Director application.
    • Explain the policy workflow in the Security Director application.
    • Explain the purpose of firewall policies.
    • Configure firewall policies in the Security Director application.
    • Describe how to deploy firewall policies to managed security devices.
    • Describe how to manage VPNs.
    • Explain the purpose of NAT policies.
    • Describe how to configure NAT policies.
    • Describe how to use Change Control to request approval for firewall and NAT policy changes.
    • Explain how to manage application firewall profiles.
    • Explain how to manage IPS policies.
    • Discuss how to manage UTM policies.
    • Explain the purpose of Log Director.
    • Discuss the required components for a Log Director Deployment.
    • Explain the installation of Log Director.
    • Explain the Security Director event viewer.
    • Discuss how to generate alerts and notifications.
    • Explain how to generate reports.

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  • Course Content 0/0

    Day 1
    Chapter 1: Course Introduction
    Chapter 2: Introduction to Security Director
    • Security Director Overview
    • Navigating the Security Director Application
    • Chassis Clustering
    • Device Support
    • Basic Device Configuration and Setup
    • Lab: Introduction to Security Director
    Chapter 3: Security Director—Firewall Policies
    • Firewall Policies Overview
    • Defining Security Objects
    • Configuring Firewall Policies
    • Deploying Configuration Changes
    • Lab: Provisioning Firewall Policies
    Chapter 4: Deploying VPNs
    • Creating IPsec VPNs
    • Importing IPsec VPNs
    • Lab: Provisioning IPsec VPNs
    Chapter 5: Deploying NAT Policies
    • Overview of NAT
    • Configure NAT Policies in Security Director
    • Lab: Provisioning NAT Policies
    Day 2
    Chapter 6: Deploying AppFW Profiles, IPS, and UTM Policies
    • Managing Application Firewall Profiles
    • Managing IPS Policies
    • Managing UTM Policies
    • Deploying Configuration Changes Review
    • Lab: Provisioning IPS and UTM Policies and AppFW Profiles
    Chapter 7: Monitoring and Reporting
    • Log Director Overview, Installation, and Administration
    • Log Events
    • Alerts and Reports
    • Lab: Deploying Log Director

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