Virtual Application Delivery (vADC) Administration and Configuration

  • Duration: 3 days

This three-day course provides detailed coverage of the configuration of the Virtual Application Delivery (vADC) solution. Students will work with Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM), Web Application Firewall, and Services Director.

  • Objective 0/0

    Key areas include Virtual Traffic Manager deployment and configuration, basic implementation, and component configuration. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in several hands-on labs.
    Target Audience
    Network Engineers
    Technical Support Specialists
    Implementation Consultants
    System Administrators
    DevOps Specialists
    Sales Engineers
    Must have experience with the TCP/IP protocol suite, including addressing and routing, and virtual LANs (VLANs).
    Must have familiarity with the Linux operating system.
    Students should have knowledge of basic scripting/programming concepts, e.g. Perl, Python
    Students should understand common application protocols such as HTTP and SMTP.
    Students must have completed the “Pulse Secure vADC Foundation” 2-day course.
    Technical Expert Certification Exam
    This course prepares students for the requirements of the “Pulse Secure vADC – Administration and Configuration” Technical Expert Certification Exam.

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  • Curriculum 0/0

    Day 1
    Chapter 1: Course Introduction
    Chapter 2: Deploy Traffic Manager
    • Lab: Deploy a vTM Instance
    Chapter 3: Traffic Manager Transaction Flow
    • Lab: Configure a Virtual Service
    Chapter 4: High Availability with Traffic IP Groups
    • Lab: Clustering
    • Lab: Configure Traffic IPs and Pools
    Day 2
    Chapter 5: Layer 7 Protocol Support
    Chapter 6: Managing Nodes and Failover
    • Lab: Failover
    Chapter 7: Monitoring and Logging
    • Lab: Logging
    Chapter 8: TrafficScript
    • Lab: TrafficScript Rules
    Chapter 9: Web Content Optimization
    Chapter 10: User and System Management
    Day 3
    Chapter 11: Bandwidth Management and Service Features
    • Lab: Bandwidth Management
    Chapter 12: Services Director
    Chapter 13: Web Application Firewall
    Chapter 14: Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
    Chapter 15: IPv6

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